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The benefits of an online degree

Education // July 14, 2017
Provided by // ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland

ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland is a dynamic, modern university in the heart of Switzerland, with a focus upon all aspects of the management and business industry. Mark Zurcher interviews Professor Habib Al Souleiman abou the University. 

pexels The benefits of an online degree

Q: Why should we trust online education?

A: We don’t ask people to trust what they don’t know; we ask them to give it a try. At ABMSwe hire professors from on-campus universities to tutor students in online lectures. Students, upon graduating, will have a joint degree with a (on-campus) State University degree, alongside their AMBS degree. ABMS is the first online EFMD certified program in Switzerland; is certified by the Swiss EduQua; accredited by ASIC and ECBE, and as well, won the students satisfaction award evaluated by top swiss and international universities.


Q: Your study fee is lower than top swiss private providers, why is that?

A: We try to make the student pay only for the education. Most Swiss schools charge the students for food, accommodation, and insurance in Switzerland. Our education methods don’t force students to stay in Switzerland in order to get the Swiss high quality education many strive for. Now we are in 2017, we realise we should use the technology that is available to aid education, and its important to mention that the first website in the world was a Swiss website, so we as Swiss people are always at the forefront of creating new ideas to help others.


Q: You won an award as the best young private university. How did you win such an award from the Minister of Trade as your university is only 4 years old? As well you won the Students Satisfaction Award from a Swiss Public University? How were you able to do this?

A: The age of a business doesn’t always matter! There was voting of nearly 0.5 million people and we are very proud that the people liked our idea. On Facebook we also have more followers than any other Swiss school. Let me remind you that Tesla, the first Swiss car was only launched a few years ago and in the same year they won the “best modern car” award in Switzerland; so the age of an idea doesn’t matter. If we speak about the number of customers then use, for example, Maybach cars. We see that only a few per year are sold, but still the car was considered as one of the best cars in the world. Therefore age, or the number of customers using a product, is not always the most important judgement criteria, as long as the idea is great, and people love it when they see it.


By Mark Zurcher


About Professor Habib Al Souleiman

Prof. Dr. Habib Al Souleiman, PhD, DBA, EMBA, MBA, MLaw, BA Hons., is from Luzern in Switzerland. He is the Managing Director of ABMS – The Open University of Switzerland, and the Dean of KNU Open University of Ukraine.

KNU Open University is the online faculty of “Taras Shevchenko National University (KNU)” which is a Public State National University founded in 1834, is ranked among TOP 500 universities worldwide, and is one of the top 50 universities in Central & Eastern Europe. KNU is a member of the "European University Association" EUA & the "International Association of Universities" IAU-UNESCO.

ABMS Open University of Switzerland: Certified by the Swiss EduQua, the national quality label and by EFMD-EOCCS, and is “Premier Accredited" by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges & Universities ASIC.

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