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Autumn make up tips

Style File // Style // Oct. 5, 2015
Autumn make up tips

On this weeks Style File, we show we get some tips on Autumn's key make up looks as local make up artist Caroline Cole drops into the studio with hints on how to work the new colors and where to get them locally . The new season means updating our makeup bags and catching up with toned down, wearable versions of the looks from fashion week. Toffee and caramel tones, blackcurrant lips and pretty coral flushed cheeks were all over the catwalks for autumn and are a fresh look for the season, something for everyone!

Also this weekend will be Geneva 's fashion week and Hansine talks to the founder of Mode Suisse about what's happening in the world of Swiss Fashion.

Hear this week's Style File and the other shows in the series on the Style File page.

Find out more about make up with Caroline.

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