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ART SEEN - Art Gland

ART SEEN // Art & Culture // By Tay Kinnear // Oct. 17, 2018

Uli Van Neyghem visits ART GLAND, the annual exhibiton of artists along the La Côte.  

On this week's Art Seen, our contributors - Uli Van Neyghen and Steph Fonteyn -look at the prestigious Art Gland - on from 18-28 October. They both also have their own works on display.
ART GLAND 2018: The 25th anniversary of an artistic institution in the region
ART GLAND, an annual exhibition of artists working along 'La Côte' of Lake Geneva, is celebrating an important milestone this year: it has been organised by the Association of Painters and Sculptors ('Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs de la Côte') for a quarter of a century now. 
In order to guarantee a high standard of exhibits, the show is carefully curated by the committee each year, selecting from the applying artists. To keep ART GLAND fresh and new, artists are not allowed to participate in two consecutive years, unless with works in a completely different medium, for example showing paintings in one and sculptures in the following year.    
Discover this year's portfolio of 21 artists in total, 7 sculptors and 12 painters, an eclectic mix of artists from Swiss and international origin. Some of the artists will work 'live' on their stand during the exhibition, to allow a glimpse into the creation of their art works. 
In order to make the exhibition even more interactive, there will be an art quiz, involving unsigned works of each artist. There will be a prize to win, if you can correctly attribute all pieces to their creators.
Practical Details:
What:                                       ART GLAND
                                                25 years Anniversary Edition
When:                                      Until October 28, 2018
Opening times:                        Every day from 14:00 - 18:00
                                                Thursday, October 25: 14:00 - 21:00
                                                'Finissage' as of 16:00 on Sunday, October 28
Entry:                                       Free



Art Seen is sponsored by Africa - the Ecstatic Religions exhibition at MEG - Musée d'ethnographie de Genève. 


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