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ART SEEN - Signac

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // March 14, 2016

Local artist, Uli Van Neyghem, has taken a stroll around the colourful works on display now at the Hermitage Foundation. She shares her top tips on the Mid Morning Mix.

ART SEEN - Signac

The exhibition covers a comprehensive collection of works by Paul Signac (1863-1935) with 140 oil paintings, watercolours and drawings, illustrating the prolific career of this master of Neo-impressionism.

The young Paul Signac was largely influenced by Georges Seurat, the pioneer of Pointilism and the systematic working methods and theory of colours he had developed. Signac became Seurat's faithful supporter, friend and heir of the so-called Neo-impresssionm or Divisionism movement (this was highly controversial and rejected by art critics at the time).

The defining feature of Pointilism is that paint and colour was no longer blended and applied in small brushstrokes as in Impressionism but in form of scientifically juxtaposed small dots of pure colour, intended to combine and blend not on the canvas but in the viewer's eye.

The collection shown in the Hermitage was assembled by a family with a passion for Signac’s art and constitutes one of the largest set of his works to be held in private hands. It offers a wide panorama of Signac’s artistic development, from his early Impressionist paintings through the years of Neo-impressionism, his extensive travels to Saint Tropez, Venice, Rotterdam and Constantinople to the late watercolours of the Ports of France series.

The exhibition offers insights into the life of a man fascinated by water and boats (hence the title of the exhibition  'A life alongside water') and his love of colour.

Uli's top tips:

Combine your visit with a delicious lunch or dinner at the L'Esquisse Restaurant next to the museum offering creative and original cuisine. (Reservation highly recommended).

And finally...

There is no parking available at the museum, however, if you're happy to walk up a steep hill on the way back, park at the public parking on top of the hill near the Lac De Sauvebelin. On the way to the museum, there's a rather pleasant footpath with gorgeous views on the lake and Alpes. If you're arriving with people who aren't so keen on walking or the elderly, you can always drop them off at the museum first then drive up to the parking.

All the practical details:

SIGNAC - 'UNE VIE AU FIL DE L'EAU' (A Life by the Water).
WHEN:                       JANUARY 29 TILL MAY 2016
                                    2, ROUTE DU SIGNAL
                                    CH-1000 LAUSANNE 8
                                    THURSDAY UNTIL 21H
                                    CLOSED: MONDAYS (EXCEPT EASTER MONDAY (28.3.
                                    AND PENTECOST (16.5.)  FROM 10-18H
                                    PENSIONERS: CHF 16
                                    HANDICAPPED (WITH CARD) CHF 15
                                    STUDENTS CHF 7
                                    UNTIL THE AGE OF 18: FREE ENTRY

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