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ART SEEN - Matisse in his time | Gianadda Foundation

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // Aug. 4, 2015

Local artist Steph Fonteyn has been off to Martigny to see the Matisse exhibition at the Gianadda Foundation.

ART SEEN - Matisse in his time | Gianadda Foundation

The exhibition shows over fifty works (paintings & sculptures) by Matisse alongside other 20th century masterpieces by Picasso, Gris, Braques, Derain, Bonnard.

Steph says; "The strongpoint of this exhibition is that it shows Matisse’s work in the context of his relationships with his artist friends and the influence of different art movements. The exhibition is presented chronologically in nine sections: The class of Gustave Moreau, Fauvism, Analytical approach, influences of Cubism, The years in Nice: portraits and figures, Odalisques, The scene of French Riviera: the search of colour, The studio: space of painting, Modernisms: the turning point in after war years, to draw in colour field."

"There's plenty of interesting facts that help you tie in artworks from this period. For example; Picasso actually inherited Matisse’s Odalisque’s paintings (female slaves in Harems). Also Picasso’s “L’Atelier” painting one year after Matisse's death was a hommage to him.

"The artist’s motivation to stay creatively productive despite his degrading health, (cancer and post operative embolism) was particularly apparent. He painted his studio interior and Grand Interieur Rouge (1948), which was one of his last paintings on canvas.

"He also moved to creating cut outs, or “painting with scissors” as he called it, to maintain creativity as his health deteriorated."

Thanks Steph!

Steph's hot tip -

The automobile museum, the gardens with sculptures and photography exhibition about the life of the founder, Leonard Gianadda are all included in the one ticket price. Make sure you go with enough time to check it all out.

Matisse in his Time – Fondation Pierre Gianadda Martigny
Opened on June 20 and runs until November 22 (open every day).

9am - 7pm

Adult ticket price is CHF 20 ( CHF 12 for children / students, CHF 18 for Seniors & family tickets available as well.)

Full ticket info is available at the gianadda website: http://www.gianadda.ch

Check out Steph Fonteyn's artwork and upcoming workshops at www.stephfonteyn.ch and you can listen to her podcast with Katt Cullen and Tony Johnston on the player below.

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