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ART SEEN - Klee & Kandinsky

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // Aug. 19, 2015

Our local artist, Steph Fonteyn, has been our and about on the art scene. So what has she seen this week? Kandinsky, and his friend Klee.

ART SEEN - Klee & Kandinsky

Klee & Kandinsky Exhibition

When: 19/06/2015 – 27/09/2015 (Tue-Sun 10am – 5pm )

Where: Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern - (10 years of ZPK 2005 to 2015)

This exhibition presents more than 180 works of Klee & Kandinsky, the founding fathers of abstract art, with works from 1900 to beyond 1940.

The artists were neighbours and lifelong friends.

The exhibition is structured into eight theme areas:

  • Introduction
  • Around 1900
  • The Blue Rider
  • Music
  • Weimar
  • Dessau
  • 1933
  • New beginning

By pairing the works of these two artists alongside each other, their similarities are accentuated; their mutual influence on each other, and at the same time their differences.

Witness one of the most significant transitions in modern art – from representational imagery to abstract compositions of colours and shapes.

MUSIC in ART – Kandinsky spoke of “inner harmony”. Klee who played the violin, created analogies to musical structures.

How much:

Standard CHF24, OAP CHF22, Students CHF12, Children age 6 to 16 CHF8

Steph's Hot tips:

The Creaviva workshops for kids were an amazing find. They're one hour workshops and they're on every 12pm, 2pm or 4pm.


  1. Steph shows us her son's favourite Klee painting from the exhibition
  2. Klee and Kandinsky together
  3. 'Entwicklung' - Kandinsky
  4. 'Foehn' - Klee

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