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ART SEEN - Giuseppe Penone

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // Oct. 13, 2015

Regards croisés – Giuseppe Penone

ART SEEN - Giuseppe Penone

Our very own ART SEEN artist Steph Fonteyn has been off to check out the latest exhibition at the Musée cantonale des Beaux-Arts.

This exhibition spotlights the sculptures of Italian artist, Giuseppe Penone, using his drawings as a starting point to take us on a journey to explore the connection between man and nature.

The exhibition hosts close to 100 drawings dating from 1967 to 2006, 13 drawings by other artists, one big Verde del bosco frottage from 1984, a selection of the famous Gesto vegetale bronzes entwined around plants, the big Spazio di luce (2008) recently shown at Versailles, and a handsome sculpture from 1983 which has never been exhibited before.

What pieces captivated you the most?

A piece where Penone initially uses his ten fingerprints and then with fine concentric pencil lines expands them like topographies of unknown lines. (see photograph)

A bust of the artist’s son that was made by placing his hands on the child’s head and immediately transferring his tactile memory to a block of clay- This piece is about the idea of contact, and how to understand things through touch. It is the first time it has been exhibited.

A bronze tree trunk cut into eight segments is displayed horizontally like a giant centipede. The trunk is hollowed out and painted with gold inside. The inside has the texture of bark whereas the outside is smoother from the touch of the artist’s hands. By presenting the tree in such a manner, the artist presents us with a new perspective that is otherwise halted by the bark, about the need for light and space in order to live.


Any hot tips?

Parent and child drawing tour: Bring your sketchpads and exchange drawing experiences about them and talk about art. Dates: Wednesday 28th October and 25th November from 2pm to 4.30pm for children aged 6 and up. Booking: info.beaux-arts@vd.ch

Drawing workshop for adults: Saturday 14th November from 2pm to 5pm on “The anatomy of vegetation” including reflection about the exhibited works under the guidance of artist Claudia Renna. Price CHF30.- Bookings: info.beaux-arts@vd.ch

The practical details.

The exhibition will take place between 25/09/2015 – 03/01/2016

Musée cantonale de Beaux-Arts, Palais de Rumone, Place de la Riponne 6, Lausanne

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 5pm

More info at www.mcba.ch

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