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ART SEEN - For your eyes only

Mid Morning Mix // WRS// Art & Culture // Feb. 15, 2017

For your eyes only: Art on paper

By Uli Van Neyghem

'Rien que pour vos yeux', at the Musée Jenisch in Vevey, gives visitors the chance to discover how versatile art on the fragile medium paper can be, whether done in wet or dry techniques, in black and white or colour, with or without collages. Some of the works shown are sketches and studies done for later paintings to be created on canvas, giving unique insights into the work of the artists.

The current exhibition contains around 120 art works, all on paper, with different mediums such as charcoal and pastel, Chinese ink, water colour, acrylic and pencil. 

It begins with ancient Italian and French drawings, starting at the Renaissance and masters like Fragonard, Carrache or Tiepolo.

The exhibition continues to explore the human figure on paper; the movement of the body and the expression of faces, with works of artists like Pierre Bonnard, Félix Valloton or Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, a Swiss born French artist, who became known for his Art Nouveau posters.

From human forms, the exhibition moves on to landscapes. I was especially fascinated and charmed by glass showcases with travelogues by Vaudois painter Julien Renevier, covering his travels between Switzerland, France and Italy. Among the unexpected treasures is also a landscape by the poet Hermann Hesse. 

A 15 minute film titled 'The secret of paper' takes visitors into the world of restoration of art works on paper and the passionate people who have made this their profession. 

Apart from the exhibition itself, the historic building of the museum offers beautiful architectural perspectives and gorgeous views on the 2 churches behind the museum (one of them Russian Orthodox with golden cupola) through the windows on the stairway to the upper floor. 

Whilst you are already there, it would be a shame not to visit the Museum's interesting other permanent collections upstairs, including the Oskar Kokoschka Foundation and impressively works by Picasso, Gustave Courbet and many other famous names.  

The lake is only a short stroll away and the streets of Vevey's old town have some interesting little shops and boutiques. Tie your trip into lunch at Ze Fork or Kju which have beautiful views, good food and are decorated beautifully. Why not make a day of it and visit the Alimentarium Museum and the famous fork sculpture in the water as well?

Practical info:

Where: Musée JenischAvenue de la Gare, 2.  CH- 1800 Vevey

When: Now until February 26, 2017. Tues - Sun 10:00 - 18:00 (Thurs open until 20:00)

Entry Fees: Adults CHF 12, Kids <18 go free, Seniors CHF 10, Students CHF 5

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