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ART SEEN - Charles Blanc Gatti on painting sound

Mid Morning Mix// ART SEEN // Art & Culture // Nov. 29, 2016

Uli Van Neyghem joins us in the studio to talk about her recent visit to the art museum in Pully, where she went to discover their new expo centering around the work of Swiss artist Charles Blanc Gatti.

Guillaume Pilot, Sketch for an Opera 2016 © MAP 2016, DR.tif ART SEEN - Charles Blanc Gatti on painting sound

The beautiful Art Museum in Pully is a hidden gem tucked away in the cobblestoned streets of the Pully old town. Two town houses have been carefully renovated and combined into an airy and interesting exhibition space, offering gorgeous views over the lake below. 

Uli was lucky enough to enjoy one of their more recent exhibitions (Ici et Maintenant on Chinese artist Mingjun Luo) and was looking forward to discovering the new exhibition centering around works from Swiss artist Charles Blanc Gatti, whose work involved creating paintings inspired by specific pieces of music.

In 1938, Blanc-Gatti founded an animation studio in Lausanne (several of his animated films can be seen in the exhibition). 

During an exhibition of his paintings in Paris, Blanc-Gatti met Walt Disney and tells him of his dream to make a feature-length musical animation film. When Disney's Fantasia was released after the war, Blanc-Gatti was outraged and tried to sue Disney for stealing his idea. 

The exhibition in the museum in Pully shows a variety of Blanc-Gatti's paintings, with the subject music pieces displayed on signs. However Uli explained how she was disappointed that she was unable to observe the pieces with the respective music playing in the room or through headphones. 

As the title of the exhibition 'Hypothesis of an Genealogy' suggests, it is looking for parallels, roots or echos in the works of later generations of artists from the region. Apart from the aforementioned works of Charles Blanc-Gatti himself, visitors are invited to discover paintings, installations and films of 25 other artists.

Uli found that, without a guided visit, it was not always easy to detect or appreciate the perceived echos of Charles Blanc-Gatti's pioneer work in the pieces displayed of the other artists. Guided visits are available in English or French for CHF 80 per group or CHF 5 per person. Alternatively, there is an open (and free) guided tour on 3rd December at 14:30, when you can also enjoy the added bonus of free entry to the museum as it's also the first Saturday of the month. 

Where:                                  Musée d'Art de Pully

                                              Chemin Davel 2

                                              1009 Pully



When:                                    Until December 13, 2016

Opening Times:                     Wednesday - Sunday from 14:00 - 18:00

                                              (Mondays and Tuesdays closed)

Entry fees:                              Adults     CHF 7

                                               Seniors   CHF 5

                                               Students CHF 5

                                               Combi-Ticket with Roman Villa in Pully: CHF 10

(The Musée de Pully offers free entry on the first Saturday of each month.)


Tags: art, artist, painting

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