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ART SEEN - Chaplin's World

Art & Culture // June 9, 2016

Visiting Chaplin's World is a pleasure that comes at a price, especially, when you take into consideration that you will have to include either public transport or parking fees, as well as refreshments/meals in the deal (the visit will take around 3 hours minimum). So expectations deserve to be high.

Let me start by saying that, no matter whether you come accompanied by adults of any age or kids, you are most likely to have a real good time visiting Chaplin's World. The well-dosed mixture between authentic glimpses into his life, photos and film clips, facts and figures, wax sculptures, as well as film props and movie backdrops in the interactive concept appeals to old and young, fans of Chaplin or newcomers to his art....

For more info from Uli www.worldradio.ch and search for ART SEEN

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