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ART SEEN - About Trees

Mid Morning Mix // Art & Culture // Jan. 11, 2016

Local artists Steph Fonteyn and Uli van Neygham have been to visit the Zentrum Paul Klee exhibition in Bern where the exhibition "About Trees" is currently taking place. 

ART SEEN - About Trees

This is the third major exhibition held in celebration of the 10 years anniversary of Zentrum Paul Klee and well worth a visit. The exhibition required two years of preparation and hosts the works of over 30 international contemporary artists.

Steph Fonteyn and Uli Van Neyghem are WRS’s resident local artists and they've been to visit Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern. They report back their findings to Katt Cullen on the Mid Morning Mix.

Overall features about the exhibition that made it worth it worth a bit of a trek:

·      The stunning architecture of the museum by Renzo Piano is worth a visit in itself. It's highly appropriate in its design with its wavy organic structure that cleverly integrates with the surrounding nature.

·      The diverse range of mediums exhibited from video installations, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and more from over 30 international contemporary artists.

·      The range and creativity of ideas and interpretations presented.

Artworks that made an impression on Steph and Uli

·      Large format oil paintings by Swiss artist Valerie Favre using Monet-like colours in honour of Trees.

·      Flipbook video film from drawings on single pages of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary by William Kentridge

·      “Abre des origins” tree sculpture of dancing hands by Senegalese artist Ndary Lo

·      Anya Gallaccio’s bronze tree sculpture with apples rotting

·      George Steinmann – Analogue photograph with blueberry juice

·      Naoko Ito – root segmented in jars

·     Bleeding Trees, photography, by Australian artist Jill Orr

Hot tips:

·      Definitely take an audio guide to fully appreciate the stories behind the exhibits (The audio guide is included in the entrance ticket price.)

·      Allow 2 hours minimum for the About Trees and extra time if you want to visit the permanent exhibition as well.

·      Take a break for lunch with modern at Restaurant Schöngrün next door. 

The practical details:

Where: Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
When - Until 24 January 2016. Open everyday from 10am – 5pm
Address: Monument im Fructland 3, 3000, Bern
Price: Standard CHF20, OAP CHF18, Student CHF10, Kids aged 6 to 16: CHF7

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