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Appeal against acquittal of off piste skiers

Snow// Sport // April 18, 2016

An appeal has been made against the acquittal of three off-piste skiers who caused an avalanche in the ski area of Anzère in December 2009.

Appeal against acquittal of off piste skiers

Several people were caught up in the slide and two were buried and slightly injured.

The three off-piste skiers, including two doctors, helped search for the victims, but left afterwards. They were identified a few days later and reported to the judge.

The skiers who had been buried however, did not file a criminal complaint.

The prosecution in Valais say they had deliberately chosen to ignore the danger signs and breached their duty of care.

They were initially sentenced for negligence, but appealed and were acquitted by the District Court on March 17th.

Tags: snow, sport, winter

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