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Anna Dickinson - Harmony in Glass

Art & Culture // July 31, 2015

Anna Dickinson's glassworks are on exhibit at the Musée Ariana until 1 November.

Anna Dickinson - Harmony in Glass

UK based contemporary artist Anna Dickinson exhibits her glassworks in public and private collections throughout the world and doors have now opened for the mid-career retrospective of Anna's work at the Musée Ariana.

Her creations will often take months, or sometimes years, to make.

Often Anna incorporates other mediums such as metal, wood, plastics and silver within her glass pieces: Usually non-functional decorative vessels, they are a harmony of different materials, shapes and of curves and straight, rigid lines.

She has also completed private commissions including functional ware for Royalty and hair ornaments for fashion designer Romeo Gigli.

As a temporary exhibition within the museum, there is often a minimal fee attached to the exhibition of CHF 5. Permanent collections are free throughout the year.

The Department of Culture offers the public free admission on the first Sunday of the month.

All other Sunday's have buy-one-get-one-free entry

Hear more about the processes behind Anna's work below and she talks to Katt Cullen and Tony Johnston on WRS.

Photographs courtesy of Robert Hall

Tags: culture, art, glass

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