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Alpine Lifestyle Partners

Explore Switzerland // By Mrs Miggins // Nov. 21, 2016
Provided by // Alpine Lifestyle Partners

The concept of property investment combined with rental and ‘super concierge' services has become the preferred choice for many looking to invest in the Swiss Alps yet retain the lifestyle element of their asset.

Alpine Lifestyle Partners

Owners have the freedom of use of their real estate; the benefit of concierge services plus a rental income from an excellent Swiss and international clientele. It’s the perfect combination - leaving the investor/owner at leisure to benefit from all aspects of a Swiss Alpine investment.  

Situated in an exceptional location, The Lodge Champéry by Mrs Miggins is an award-winning example of this type of investment. One of a number of exclusive developments constructed or under development by Alpine Lifestyle Partners in Les Portes du Soleil, les 4 Vallées and Val d’Anniviers, The Lodge recently won ‘Swiss - Service Excellence’ with The Luxury Travel Guide. Purchasing a second home or investment property direct from the developer is also an outstanding opportunity – and Alpine Lifestyle Partners offers unique attention to detail and comfort. Concerned about property management? The efficient and high-quality services by the team at Mrs Miggins will keep life simple, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the location. Alpine Lifestyle Partners also provides rental programmes to show return on investment and are happy to guide you through the entire purchase process. Live the Alpine Lifestyle experience! 


The Lodge, Champéry by Mrs Miggins 

Situated in the idyllic mountain location, The Lodge Champéry by Mrs Miggins is perfectly located, with breath-taking views, immediate access to sports facilities - including indoor and outdoor pools, ice rink, curling and multi-sport facilities - and of course the incredible skiing of Les Portes du Soleil. These luxury vacation apartments offer a concierge service to rival that of the top hotels in Switzerland. 

Conception by Alpine Lifestyle Partners - management by Mrs Miggins Luxury Chalet Services - specialists in creating a rich and unique experience.


 For more information visit Alpine Lifestyle Partners and Miggins

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