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Allison Ochs on Sexting

Mid Morning Mix // Family// Education // Jan. 24, 2019

Allison Ochs is tackling the tough task of speaking to kids, teens and young adults in the digital age about their relationships and flirting. She holds interactive workshops in schools around the world that look at the risks involved with online communications of a flirtatious nature and guides these young adults in how they can reduce their vulnerability. 

In this podcast, Allison explains to us what is a sext - and that there are 5 levels! We discuss why the conversation is so crucial and what risks are involved if we don't encourage an open dialogue on the subject. We also find out how she brought up the conversation with her own daughter as well as how she'd advise parents to do the same now. 


Allison's book "Would I Have Sexted Back in the 80s" is a humorous read that offers parents some practical advice and is delivered without judgment. It includes stories from the author's own childhood growing up, as one of 11 children, in the 80s. 

More information about the book can be found at editcm.com including a full list of where to buy it.

The Zipit app was created by ChildLine, a UK based counseling service for children and young people, and is available for on iTunes (for iPhone) or Google Play Store (for Android). It may, however, also be quite useful for adults who want to know how to respond to unwanted text messages. 

Allison explains sexting in a light-hearted way. But if you or your child is experiencing online harassment, the Cybersmile website offers a global support service, email support and a list of numbers to call. 



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