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AKKAdemy Sustainable Mobility Hackathon (13-14 June)

Mid Morning Mix // Community// Events// Science & Technology// Education // June 6, 2019

The aim of Sustainable Mobility Hackathon is to gather diverse specialists in one place united with one idea : make mobility more sustainable.

Berenger Martin, CEO of AKKA Switzerland, and Capucine Durand, Graduate Program Trainer, tell us more about the event that will take place on the 13-14 June in Geneva.


  • Katt Cullen (WRS) with Berenger Martin & Capucine Durand (AKKA Switzerland)


The challenges in this hackathon, prepared by AKKA Technologies, together with The University of Geneva, SIG, Pangloss Labs, Climate City Cup and Open Geneva, will incorporate autonomous driving, clean energy, inclusive mobility and more.

Participants will be given 2 days to show some progress on the chosen challenge. 

It’s a public event, open to anyone passionate about the topics!


Examples of some of the challenges might include: 

  • - How might we reduce the environmental footprint of corporate vehicle fleets in Geneva? (SIG)
  • - How to reuse the energy spent on braking with an electric car? (AKKA Research)
  • - High precision navigating system to improve the urban mobility of blind and impaired people. (The University of Geneva)
  • - How to use bike sharing to develop a collaborative application showing the live air pollution map of Geneva? (Geneve Roule & The University of Geneva)


Whether you're an engineer with a background in sustainable mobility, or just passionate and intrigued about it, you're invited to attend and participate. 

Registration in advance is required and absolutely free. 






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