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Education // July 21, 2017
Provided by // ABMS - The Open University of Switzerland

ABMS – The Academy of Business Management is the place where technology and education meet together in order to present a unique possibility for students from all over the world.

Pexels Why ABMS?

Taking it into account, many people would like to know more about these possibilities and opportunities.

First of all, ABMS is an educational organization that offers you the ability to penetrate into the sphere of virtual education. The process of studying here combines two main features – simplicity and comfortability. It means that the organization will send you all necessary materials needed for studying and provide you with a professor on a daily basis. All you need to do yourself is just to register and enjoy your classes from home or any other place. At the same time, you can use any device for your studying.

One more advantage of ABMS is its teaching staff. Here there are professors from all over the world and they teach in different ways. Moreover, ABMS has 100 partner universities and this fact gives a lot of opportunities too. For instance, you can obtain a joint or double degree here.

When you choose ABMS you choose studying on your own terms. It is possible to attend at nights or during weekends. The variety of services is also stunning:  students are free to get any degree starting from Bachelor and finishing with Master.

Nowadays, very often education is your key to lifelong success. In this way, ABMS will become your most loyal partner and advisor. Do not miss your chance and apply now!



Written by: Prof. Dr. Habib Al Souleiman, PhD, DBA, EMBA, MBA, MLaw, BA Hons.


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