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A Sunday excursion to Rapperswil

Explore Switzerland // Jan. 12, 2017
Provided by // Mullum

Lakeside, historic village, and Sunday shopping? Rapperswil is the perfect weekend day trip.

Tambako The Jaguar - Flickr A Sunday excursion to Rapperswil

Rapperswil is the quaint Swiss German village perched on the shores of Lake Zurich. It’s beautifully preserved, nearly car-free Old Town, and lakeside promenade make it the perfect destination for a day of meandering with the family or showing off Switzerland to visitors. 

What to do

1.  Smell the roses 

Rapperswil isn’t nicknamed the “town of roses” for nothing. The town has over 16,000 roses of all colours decorating it’s public spaces, its coat of arms, and it’s numerous rose gardens. 

2.  Take in the view 

Walk up the hill to Rapperswil Castle and enjoy a panoramic view of Rapperswil and the Glarus Alps. 

3.  Get medieval 

Soak in the quaint vibes of Rapperswil’s historic Old Town and take a break in one of the many cafes. 

4.  Walk the plank

After enjoying the lakeside promenade, cross the lake on the longest wooden pedestrian footbridge in Switzerland. 

5.  Shop on a Sunday

Yes, it’s true! Unusually for Switzerland, many of the shops in Rapperswil’s Old Town are open on sundays. 

**Of special interest: Mullum - Australian outfitters. Pick up some authentic Aussie swag from their extensive collection of outwear, boots, hats, and accessories. And make sure to stock up on Aussie treats like Tim Tams, Vegemite, and classic Aussie beers. 

Where is it?

Rapperswil is situated on the upper end of Lake Zurich and well connected with public transport, making it an easy ride from any of the surrounding regions. 

**Recommended: If travelling from Zurich, take one of the regular boat services across the lake to Rapperswil!  

Good for families? 

Yes. In particular, check out the Knie Kinderzoo where kids can pet many of the animals and even take an elephant ride. Or visit the nearby enclosed Alpamare aquapark all year round. 

Photo: Wikipedia / Roland Zh

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