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A photo competition for you and your pet

Mid Morning Mix // Entertainment // Oct. 18, 2016

There is numerous scientific research that prove a pet is good for humans - both mentally and physically. Pet owners are known to have lower blood pressure, heart rates, triglycerides and blood cholesterol.

A photo competition for you and your pet

Of course having pets will also come with big responsibility. It's important to know how to take care of your pet and have the time, energy and ability to care properly for your new furry (or perhaps scaly) friend. Elanco has launched a photo competition to demonstrate that pet care is not always one-way though and our pets often do take care of us as much as we take care of them.

The photo competition aims at exploring people’s perspective on how a pet takes care of them, of their family or of their friends and it's currently open to the general public, animal lovers, pet owners, and photographers to enter by sending in photos of humans and their animals via the website until 31st October.

There are big prizes to be won, including a 500CHF cash prize and a 500CHF donation to an animal charity of your choice.

Karin Gerbens from Elanco gives us all the details...

After the competition closes on the 31st October, an expert jury will select the 20 best entries, which you'll be able to see at Elanco headquarters in Basel. Then the public will be able to vote for their favourite online.

Renowned dog musher Silvia Furtwängler is among the jury that will select the 20 top photo submissions showing the human-pet bond. “Dogs have become a major part of my life. When I started with sled dog racing, I had no idea how humans and animals grow together into a special partnership,” Furtwängler comments.

Keep your ears peeled for more details to come on the event on the 24th November where the photographs from the 20 finalists will be showcased and the winner will be announced, winning 1000CHF; 500CHF as a cash prize and 500CHF to be donated to the animal charity of the winner's choice.

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