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3 ways to animate yourself at Annecy Animated Film Festival

Events// Entertainment// Art & Culture // June 14, 2016

The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is on this week and it is jam packed with amazing short and feature length films from around the world! We caught up with some festival goers and film makers yesterday to get the lowdown on how to do Annecy2016 best. 

3 ways to animate yourself at Annecy Animated Film Festival

Catch Beast! throughout the week.

First timer to the festival? There's a few less than traditional traditions you should know about. Anyone have any idea where these came from?!

Annecy International Animated Film Festival traditions:

  1. Paper planes!Grab a flyer or a page from yesterday's programme and whip up your best paper plane to glide down into the crowd before screenings. If you manage to land yours on the theatre stage then everyone applauds! 
  2. Pop pop pop...Why clap when you can pop? No idea how this one started but when the films are about to start try make a popping sound with your lips - trust us, everyone will be doing it! And it makes the theatre sound really cute like it's overtaken by bubbles. 
  3. Lapin! See a rabbit on the screen? Shout, Lapin!

Any more Annecy traditions we should know about? Send a message to studio@worldradio.ch, and let us know your favourite films this year!

And if you're planning a trip to Annecy and looking for some more great tips on where to stay and things to do, check out our Annecy Guide: Crystal Clear Annecy and Katt's alternative tips: My Annecy

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