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10 year old tax wizz to speak in Geneva

The Breakfast Show // Finance // By Mark Butcher // Oct. 2, 2017

It may not be your first thought, but if you need help with your tax, you could ask a 10 year old. 

GCSP 10 year old tax wizz to speak in Geneva

Later this month there's a conference in Geneva about international tax competition. Since the global financial crises, countries have been working together to make sure the wealthy - whether individuals or companies - pay their fair share of tax. There'll be also help from the 10 year old tax genius, Carlie Weinreb. It's on Monday 16th October. For more information and registration - www.taxcoop-conference.com/program/?lang=en

Here, Mark Butcher speaks to Adam Koniuszewski from the Geneva Centre for Security Policy about the conference and why it's so important. 



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